Handlettered Birthday Card

I recently put up a blog post about the Etsy listing of this card.  To view that, click here.

I love to post videos of the how I created my Etsy listings so that viewers, and shopppers, can see that all the products I create are truly made by me.  I also love to inspire people to create their own masterpieces pulling from techniques that I show in my videos.

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Etsy Listing – Shirley Bassey Quote, Birthday Card


View the Etsy Listing here:

I love the look of this card.  I’m obsessed with everything gold and so I try to add it to as many projects as I can.  That quote makes the entire card a light-hearted and fun birthday card!

Click the link above for product and purchasing information!

Etsy Listing – Always & Forever


View the Etsy listing here:

This sign is perfect for any engagement, wedding, or anniversary party.  Just place it inside any frame of your choice and place it somewhere meaningful.

Click the Etsy link above for more product and purchasing information.

Lettering – Lowercase ‘a’

I finally was able to start my lettering series!

When I was teaching myself how hand letter and to write in a modern calligraphy style, I studied many videos that would show pen movements and hand placements.

I created this series, doing one letter at a time, using close up shots and a thorough explanation of each movement to help aspiring lettering artists learn the basic technique and eventually get comfortable enough to incorporate their own style.

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“He Is Risen” – Easter piece on Etsy


View the Etsy listing here:

I decided to add an Easter piece to the shop.  I love the subtle gold shadowing in this piece.  It’s clean and simple, yet says so much!

Please place your order for this piece on or before April 7th, 2017 to ensure the item arrives before Easter Sunday.

Please click the link above for more information about the piece and how to order.  If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact me directly on Etsy.

Brushlettering the alphabet

I’ve been very passionate, possibly borderline obsessive, over lettering lately.

I wanted to take the time to brushletter the alphabet and show you my process.  Eventually, I will be creating a Youtube mini series on brushlettering.  I plan on going over a few letters of the alphabet at a time in a more close up, in-depth view.

Stay tuned for that.  The only thing stopping me is lighting.  When I set up my camera (phone) for close up shots, I need natural light because using my lamp creates too many shadows.  Of course, having two kids at home, finding quiet time during the day is nearly impossible!

I’m determined to make it happen!

Enjoy the video!

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Plan With Me – Using Pens Only

In this video, I wanted to show how to do some decorative planning without stickers or stamps.

Honestly, this was how I started decoratively planning last year when I had a “Today and To Do” Planner.

I was just so glad that I had pens that matched the color scheme of the Happy Planner spread!


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