My daughter’s Lalaloopsy 2nd Birthday Party

The birthday party is said and done.. I’m so glad I did the Lalaloopsy theme!

It was such a fun theme to do! I highly recommend this for any little girl’s birthday party!

The dessert table was so much fun!

I made the banner and the buttons.  I bought the table cover and the dangly decoration at Party City.

The cake design was something that I found on Pinterest.  The original pin can be found here.  A friend of mine recommended her cousin to do it.  I think he did an absolutely FABULOUS job for so much less than what a local bakery was going to charge me.

The rest of the desserts were from my coworker that does these sorts of goodies as her little hobby business.  She did an awesome job playing along with the theme.  She made cakepops shaped like little spools of thread, rice crispy treats that looked like paint brushes, and cookies that looked like buttons!  Her pineapple cakes were colored to resemble quilts and those little brownies were sheep with marshmallow wool!  So cute!  So yummy!

I was approached by a follower of my FB Page and Instagram account about my need for a pinata for the party. At the time, I had just finished a trip to Party City and they were all out of Lalaloopsy pinatas with no idea of when they would get a new shipment.    Always willing to buy “handmade,” I’m so glad we got in contact and I had the most amazing pinata I’ve ever had!  I was so hesitant to get it beaten and opened, but we did.  I ended up salvaging the “2” and keeping it in my daughter’s bedroom.

In front of the pinata are the party favors I made from inspiration found on Pinterest.

Because I had a billion things to do PLUS watch my little girl during the party prep, I made my brother in charge of button placement throughout the room.  I think he did an awesome job adding the dangly decorations and buttons in just the right spots.  He’s artistic by profession, so I always trust his judgement.

The party was a huge success despite my daughter being under the weather.  All the hard work paid off!

When possible, I try to shop with small businesses.  They always try to add that extra touch of love and care to their products and it always shows!

I hope you enjoyed this little picture tour of the party room.

My next project?  Thank you cards!

Are you planning a theme party?  Leave me a comment if you have any comments or questions!  I’d love to help you out!


Etsy on hold..

This was my status update the other day on Facebook:

I do still have about two items left from the four I put in to test the waters.

A good friend of mine purchased two of them. If you read my personal blog, my friend also owns an etsy store and you can see the blog post about it here.

I’m putting the store on hold til Sept 7th, the day of my daughter’s birthday party.  I need the time to really concentrate on the last minute crafts and details of the party.

Party planning.. it’s a love/hate thing.  I love all the crafts and designing of a party.. I hate the details.. like.. the food.  I love making the invitations and sending them out.  I hate picking a venue.

Love/Hate.. love/hate..

I could go on and on.

If I could only be responsible for the theme, decorations, dessert table, cake, and other party related crafts, that would be the best!!!

I promise, September will be THE month for major movement in the CutieQ Cards n Crafts world.

Stay tuned!

Party favors

Pinterest to the rescue again!

This time, with the party favors.

I absolutely fell in love with this pin.

View the original pin here.

View the blog article this pin came from here.

Although I really LOVED this particular pin, I needed to keep things relatively simple.

I went to Party City and bought all the things I wanted.  I also found a bunch of Lalaloopsy markers in the $1 rack at Target.

I took each cup and put a few items in them…

Each cup received one pencil, one marker, a tattoo, and a little bottle of bubbles.  If I wasn’t so hesitant about having so much litter, I would have put some of that pink paper filling to make it look full.  I just don’t want to be sweeping up all those loose pieces of paper, and the kids are also going to get candy from the pinata, so they will have more than enough fun stuff to take home.

I wrapped the cup in some clear cellophane wrap and tied it up with some purple ribbon.

In my head, I was picture them being much fuller, but I’m still pretty happy with the results..

So you tell me…


Did I nail it?!

Nailed it!


Yes.  I’m a pinner.

My daughter is having a Lalaloopsy birthday party and where else am I supposed to go for ideas?  Pinterest, of course!

I pinned this and knew I had to try to incorporate the buttons onto the wall..


See the original pin here.  See the blog entry which the pin originates from here.

I knew I had to do those button plates.  I’m probaby not going to string them together like that.  I plan on having them around the walls… I think it will be cute.

I started off with my supplies:

I purchased the colored plates at Party City.  I bought the 20 pk of plates and used 10 of each.  I think 30 plates total would be enough.

In order to make punching holes easier for me, I cut my black cardstock into 1 3/4 in strips.

I just punched down the strip until I had enough circles to put four circles per plate.

I put four circles in the middle of the plate.  I glued them down with my Tombow Mono Multi Glue.  Using liquid glue gave me time to move the circles into place before the glue dried.

I did three different colors to match the birthday banner I made:


I think I nailed it!  I can’t wait to put them up in the party room!

Things my husband says…

I have a series on my personal blog, Living life in the carpool lane, about “things my husband says..”

This time, it involves crafting and I thought it would be more appropriate on THIS blog..

I’ve been working on my daughter’s 2nd birthday party invitations. 

This set is probably THE most simple set of invitations I have ever made. 

I created the design in Photoshop, printed it out on white cardstock, cut them to size, and then matted them onto a piece of colored cardstock.

Matting them onto the colored cardstock is the most time consuming part of the process, and even that is super simple!

Hubby then says to me:

“Can you once just make a card that is just a card?  Not a card on top of another card?”

Now I know, it’s probably one of those “you had to be there” moments, but it just makes me laugh.

He does realize that most of the other cards and invitations I’ve made in the past have been much more involved and much more time consuming. 

I’m literally adhering two pieces of cardstock onto each other and considering it done.  Now he has something to say abou it?!

Husbands can be so silly sometimes.


Banner time!


My soon-to-be birthday girl developed an ear infection after catching a cold over the weekend a few weeks ago and so I was in full mommy-mode for the past few days.

So I had to sacrifice a lot of the other papercrafting projects I was thinking of doing for her birthday party.

Thank goodness I decided to just buy pre-made party favor bags from

Anyway, the banner was quick and easy and I got to use my Cricut Expressions 2 AND my Silhouette Cameo.  Who says you have to have one or the other?  Why not have both?!




I love my Gypsy.  I really do.  I love that I can squeeze in as many letters as I could on a 12×12 sheet of paper so I would limit the amount of paper waste.  It’s too bad that they aren’t making these anymore.  I love not being tied to my laptop when working on a project with my E2.

My Gypsy and my E2.. ready to go!

A finished letter.. you like?

It was at this point that my daughter got sick and I just wanted to get the banner done.  So, I stopped taking pictures as I progressed..

Because of my limited time, I decided to simplify the banner.  I had every intention of making the banner match the invitations with the strips of colored paper against the cream background..

Instead, I decided to use each individual color as it’s own banner square.  Simple.  Easy.

I cut out scalloped squares with holes in two of the corners.  I made that shape a while back on my Gypsy when I was making the banner for my daughter’s baptism. 

I took some of the cream colored paper that I used for the invitations and cut notches on the corners to accomodate the holes and to give it a little style.

Here’s the finished banner, minus the ribbon that ties it all together.

As you can see, I used my Silhouette to cut out the music notes that I had used in the invitation.  I also broke out my bottle of Glossy Accents and glossified those notes.. Sorry about the dirty carpet.. I’m sure that’s a stain of spilled baby food from my daughter’s baby food eating days.. So embarrassing!


My little buggy’s first birthday is coming up.

We’re throwing a pretty big party and as with all party’s and events in my life, I will be making the invitations and party decorations, and pretty much everything else that’s papercraft-y related to the party..

I’m starting on invitations.

I picked a “music” theme because buggy loves anything that has to do with music.

So here are the initial sketches.  I’m thinking of making it a folded card because I’m probably going to have a lot of information inside.

I will probably use my Silhouette Cameo for some of the music notes and such.

I know it’s a little ambitious, but those notes are the actual notes for the Happy Birthday song!  Lo’ and behold, I did find a cut on the Silhouette that shows the musical score to the Happy Birthday Song!

I would love to incorporate it, but I would love to be able to add pops of color to the notes.  It IS a first birthday party I’m planning..

I always start with sketches, and then maybe a  few mock-ups..

So stay tuned!