Little “Hello!”

This week has led to some pretty exciting news for CutieQ Cards.. I’ve got tons of projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them with you all.. Things are going to get busy here.. I hope I can keep up with the blog during all of this..

Anyway, I really want to show you a cute little card I made yesterday..

When I say “little,” I mean little.  This card stands at 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  It’s perfect to attach onto a gift or slip into a gift bag.

The inside is lined with white paper so you can easily write out your message.

The card has cute little buttons along the side.. I like buttons.  It’s like my new obsession.. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of buttons on a lot of my future work..

Included is a custom-made envelope that is perfect for this little card.

The envelope is watermarked with cute little flowers to give added style.  I stuck a piece of off-white paper onto the corner to make it easier to write out the recipient’s name.  I thought of everything!

I haven’t posted this card for sale anywhere yet.  I am planning on making several of them so I can have a set to put up on Ebay or Etsy.. or both!  But if you really want one now, feel free to leave me a comment with your email address so we can talk personally about it!




I’m currently working on a project that is slightly “movie-related” and because of this, I got the inspiration to do this card.

It’s the first time I’ve really used my brand new Silhouette Cameo and it came out great!

I love how delicate the film strip came out.. it didn’t rip the paper at all!  I made the star using the software and I intended it to be a little out of proportioned.. I think it gives it it’s own personality!

I even used the “cut and print” feature by printing out the sentiment on both the white backing and the star.

I decided to put the card up for auction and/or sale on Ebay.. you can find me as “CutieQCards.”  If it doesn’t sell there, I’ll post it on Etsy and try my luck there.

It was great creating this card because you can literally create it on the software before cutting things out.  You can figure out where things go, and what colors to make them before you even gather the paper together.

I’m so glad that I have the Silhouette Cameo and I can’t wait to show you more things that I’ll be creating!