Gift tags..

I’m not a tag maker.  I mean, I make tags for Christmas, but they were never those manila tags that were shaped like tags.  So when the opportunity came along to buy some of these manila tags, I jumped at it.  It’s always nice to try something new..

I’m definitely not Tim Holtz or any of those other super talented people I see online that make these amazing tags.

But I do what I know and I like what I do..

When it came time to actually make a gift tag for a friend’s birthday party for their two boys, I was excited…

Here are the gift tags:


Materials used:

1. Lawn Fawn’s “Quinn’s ABCs” stamp set
2. Sweet Stamp Shop’s “Fall Gratitude” stamp set
3. Versafine “Onyx Black” Ink
4. Distress Ink in “Tea Dye”
5. Distress Ink in “”Frayed Burlap”
6. Hero Arts Hero Hues in “Green”
7. Tonbow Markers

These totally are my style and I love the way they came out.  They are bold and clean and simple to make.

Do you make gift tags?  I’d love to see how you do them!


Zoo Minibook – My favorite animals..

Last year, after a trip to the San Diego Zoo, I decided to make my daughter a minibook of all her favorite animals.

I started in about late October and I finally finished it last week.

When I mean “finish,” I mean that I completed the pages.  I’m still thinking of ways to actually bind it together and turn it into a minibook.  This is my first time making it, so I’m totally at a loss on how to completely finish it.. but more on that after the pictures..

The pages are all 8in x 8in.. and they are super simple because they are specifically made with my toddler in mind.

Here we go!










My initial thought was to laminate the pages and then put them together with those ring things.. I’m still thinking that will be my actual route.  I’m just worried about the thickness of some of the layers..

Any suggestions would be totally appreciated!

My daughter’s Lalaloopsy 2nd Birthday Party

The birthday party is said and done.. I’m so glad I did the Lalaloopsy theme!

It was such a fun theme to do! I highly recommend this for any little girl’s birthday party!

The dessert table was so much fun!

I made the banner and the buttons.  I bought the table cover and the dangly decoration at Party City.

The cake design was something that I found on Pinterest.  The original pin can be found here.  A friend of mine recommended her cousin to do it.  I think he did an absolutely FABULOUS job for so much less than what a local bakery was going to charge me.

The rest of the desserts were from my coworker that does these sorts of goodies as her little hobby business.  She did an awesome job playing along with the theme.  She made cakepops shaped like little spools of thread, rice crispy treats that looked like paint brushes, and cookies that looked like buttons!  Her pineapple cakes were colored to resemble quilts and those little brownies were sheep with marshmallow wool!  So cute!  So yummy!

I was approached by a follower of my FB Page and Instagram account about my need for a pinata for the party. At the time, I had just finished a trip to Party City and they were all out of Lalaloopsy pinatas with no idea of when they would get a new shipment.    Always willing to buy “handmade,” I’m so glad we got in contact and I had the most amazing pinata I’ve ever had!  I was so hesitant to get it beaten and opened, but we did.  I ended up salvaging the “2” and keeping it in my daughter’s bedroom.

In front of the pinata are the party favors I made from inspiration found on Pinterest.

Because I had a billion things to do PLUS watch my little girl during the party prep, I made my brother in charge of button placement throughout the room.  I think he did an awesome job adding the dangly decorations and buttons in just the right spots.  He’s artistic by profession, so I always trust his judgement.

The party was a huge success despite my daughter being under the weather.  All the hard work paid off!

When possible, I try to shop with small businesses.  They always try to add that extra touch of love and care to their products and it always shows!

I hope you enjoyed this little picture tour of the party room.

My next project?  Thank you cards!

Are you planning a theme party?  Leave me a comment if you have any comments or questions!  I’d love to help you out!

Etsy on hold..

This was my status update the other day on Facebook:

I do still have about two items left from the four I put in to test the waters.

A good friend of mine purchased two of them. If you read my personal blog, my friend also owns an etsy store and you can see the blog post about it here.

I’m putting the store on hold til Sept 7th, the day of my daughter’s birthday party.  I need the time to really concentrate on the last minute crafts and details of the party.

Party planning.. it’s a love/hate thing.  I love all the crafts and designing of a party.. I hate the details.. like.. the food.  I love making the invitations and sending them out.  I hate picking a venue.

Love/Hate.. love/hate..

I could go on and on.

If I could only be responsible for the theme, decorations, dessert table, cake, and other party related crafts, that would be the best!!!

I promise, September will be THE month for major movement in the CutieQ Cards n Crafts world.

Stay tuned!

Party favors

Pinterest to the rescue again!

This time, with the party favors.

I absolutely fell in love with this pin.

View the original pin here.

View the blog article this pin came from here.

Although I really LOVED this particular pin, I needed to keep things relatively simple.

I went to Party City and bought all the things I wanted.  I also found a bunch of Lalaloopsy markers in the $1 rack at Target.

I took each cup and put a few items in them…

Each cup received one pencil, one marker, a tattoo, and a little bottle of bubbles.  If I wasn’t so hesitant about having so much litter, I would have put some of that pink paper filling to make it look full.  I just don’t want to be sweeping up all those loose pieces of paper, and the kids are also going to get candy from the pinata, so they will have more than enough fun stuff to take home.

I wrapped the cup in some clear cellophane wrap and tied it up with some purple ribbon.

In my head, I was picture them being much fuller, but I’m still pretty happy with the results..

So you tell me…


Did I nail it?!

Nailed it!


Yes.  I’m a pinner.

My daughter is having a Lalaloopsy birthday party and where else am I supposed to go for ideas?  Pinterest, of course!

I pinned this and knew I had to try to incorporate the buttons onto the wall..


See the original pin here.  See the blog entry which the pin originates from here.

I knew I had to do those button plates.  I’m probaby not going to string them together like that.  I plan on having them around the walls… I think it will be cute.

I started off with my supplies:

I purchased the colored plates at Party City.  I bought the 20 pk of plates and used 10 of each.  I think 30 plates total would be enough.

In order to make punching holes easier for me, I cut my black cardstock into 1 3/4 in strips.

I just punched down the strip until I had enough circles to put four circles per plate.

I put four circles in the middle of the plate.  I glued them down with my Tombow Mono Multi Glue.  Using liquid glue gave me time to move the circles into place before the glue dried.

I did three different colors to match the birthday banner I made:


I think I nailed it!  I can’t wait to put them up in the party room!

Tutorial: Painted glitter stars


I like them. No, I love them.

I was creating a banner that required a lot of glittered stars. I liked the sparkle and the bling that the glittered stars would create for that banner.

Instead of directly applying Stickles onto the stars, I decided to paint them on.

I did this for two reasons:
1. Directly applying Stickles seemed to require A LOT of Stickles and I’m always about not wasting anything.
2. I thought painting them would reduce the amount of warping as the Stickles dried on the cardstock.

The stars were cut with my Silhouette Cameo. My cutting mat is old. I do have new ones, but I’m lazy. So, as you can see, I use washi tape to make sure that the cardstock doesn’t move while being cut.

I purchased a cheap paint brush from Michaels. I squished out a glob of stickles onto the clear plastic from an old cutting mat. It was important to use a clear piece of plastic or acetate because the stickles did not stick onto it and I was able to use every little drop. No waste!

I didn’t remove the stars from the cutting mat. I didn’t want loose stars all over my desk, and it’s much easier to paint the entire star when it’s still attached to the cardstock. A nice thin layer of Stickles is all that is needed. To determined I had enough “bling” on the star, I would hold it against the light to see if the shine was enough.

I let the painted stars dry overnight. Because of the thin layer of Stickles, it dried much faster and didn’t really need to be left alone overnight, but I had other things to take care of. As they dried, I noticed that there was some warping, but not a lot. I think that being stuck on the cutting mat prevented a lot of the warping. When they dried completely, I could barely see any bends in the paper.

Here’s the finished product. I really liked how they turned out. I had a few extra stars after the project and many of them showed up on different cards.

Painting glitter stars in bulk is a great way to create a stash of embellishments to store away and use for later.

I hope you enjoyed this picture tutorial. If there is anything else you’d like to see, please feel free to leave a comment!