Yes.. another ricebag.

I’m a little obsessed with these things and how easy they are to put together.


This ricebag is the one my mom requested.  She wanted one that was long enough to wrap around her neck and shoulder area.

I cut two pieces of fabric 36in long and 6in’ wide.  I used flannel since it’s such a warm and cozy fabric.

I put them together with the “right” sides in and left a space in the top to turn it right side out.  After using a dowel to make the corners and seams come out right, I top stitched 1/4in in on each of the edges.

In order to keep the rice from constantly accumulating on one end or side of the rice bag, I decided to top stitch down the middle of the tube.  The short end measured 5in, so I put a marking on my sewing machine at the 2 1/2in mark so that I could properly topstitch down the middle of the tube.

In the opening I left, my daughter helped me pour the rice into to the two tubes.  We filled it about 2/3 full with rice.

After filling it, I topstitched 1/4in on that opening to make it look like the rest of the topstitching.

Realizing that the opening still looked “open”, I had to quickly learn to ladder stitch (thank you, Youtube!) to reinforce the seam and make it look like the rest of the seams.

With a little more practice, ricebags will definitely be something I could create to sell during craft fairs and in my Etsy store.. look out for that when it comes out!


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