Washable Markers?!?

While I was putting together this scrapbook layout, I started to realize that I have used this color scheme AND the same layered style many times before.


It’s my “go-to” style and the colors are my “go-to” colors whenever lavender comes up in a photo…

I needed a way to change things up.  Usually, I would roughly outline each color cardstock with a black pen to distinguish each piece.  Like I said, been there, done that.  I needed something different.  I had already glued down everything, so I didn’t want to just disassemble it and start over.

My solution?  Change up the journaling!

image2(2)I decided to use the journaling as a frame around the layout.  It was a bit of a challenge to find the wording that would fit around the entire perimeter.  It’s basically the story about how my daughter ended up with marker on her face and how I thought that washable marker was supposed to wash away completely.

So while this layout has a similar style to some of the other layouts I’ve completed, the journalling keeps it a bit different from the rest!


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