Loves to higop

Since moving into our new (to us) home (did I mention we moved?!) I haven’t had much time to scrapbook.  I haven’t installed my Canon Selphy yet and so I’ve been relying on photos printed when I tried out Groovebook (not a fan).

I’m not the type of scrapper (yet) that can just bust out a layout no matter what the photo is.

I’m the type of scrapper that needs the photo to inspire me to build a layout around it.  That usually means I try to pull colors from the photo to create the color scheme for the layout.

I’m not the type of scrapper that has tons of paper in a multitude of colors, so that could sometimes make it pretty hard to create a layout for me.

I’m working on trying to just build a layout, and then plopping a photo down and just be happy with it.

Anyway, I created this layout recently:


I used the pink from her sweater as the basis of the color scheme.  I chose the yellow because I hadn’t really tried this color combination before and was curious if I could make it work.

Why balloons?

Because I had so many stamped images of those balloons lying around from making ‘thank you’ cards for mine and my daughter’s birthday party.  Those balloons were stamped out on pink and yellow cardstock, then I fussy cut them out.  I used a white gel pen to add the little “shine” in the corners of the balloons.  You can see I followed the “triangle rule” and put them in three different places along the photos.

The journaling card is just a scrap piece of that yellow cardstock that I tucked into the pink patterned paper.

The heart patterned paper is actually a Project Life card, I can’t remember from what set (sorry!).  I cut down the edges to remove the rounded corners since everything in this layout was straight edged.  I added that yellow banner shape into the pink heart paper to just give it some interest.  In hindsight, I would have angled it differently.  I didn’t realize it would match the angle of the journaling card, and I’m not 100% in love with the way it looks like that..

The pink letter stickers were a great little find in the Dollar Spot section of Target.  I don’t even know what brand it is.  Every once and awhile they have letter stickers there for a dollar and I try to grab at least two sheets of it when I see it.  It’s a great little buy for a great deal!

Lastly, I felt that everything blended a little too well into each other and that the strong black lines of the stamped images stood out too much in the layout.  So I took my Sharpie pen (love that thing!) and I outlined all the papers.  I love doing this when trying to avoid everything “blending together.”  It’s similar to when some scrappers ink the edges of their layers with Distress Ink.  You can see that I don’t make my lines perfectly straight.  I love making the lines a little rough and not straight.  It’s a personal preference.  I contemplated outlining a box around the title, but I felt that it would have been overkill and decided against it.  I’m still undecided about it…

“Loves to Higop” roughly translates to “Loves to Slurp” from Tagalog to English, which is what my daughter LOVES to do with her soups.  I had to capture this.  I think it’s darling.


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