Watercolor cards..

Over the summer, I discovered the art of watercoloring.

I know it’s been a trend in the scrapbooking world this year, and I was sucked in..

But I didn’t know how good I would be, so I decided buy products that didn’t break the bank.  I went to the kid’s art aisle in Target and purchased a watercolor palette and watercolor paper.  It wasn’t super expensive, but I’ve noticed that it’s doing just fine for me.

I’ve been playing around with making backgrounds with the watercolors and enjoyed that a lot.  Next, I wanted to work on coloring stamped images with the watercolors.

I use VersaFine Onyx Black ink and I’ve learned that I need to let that dry a bit before coloring with the watercolors or else the lines will blur.  I’ve also noticed that I don’t get super clear black lines if I watercolor over them.  Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes, it’s not and I just wait for the color to completely dry and then I draw over the lines with my Sharpie pen..

Here is one of the cards I’ve created with watercolor:



Everything except the grassy hill is watercolored.

I used the “Into The Woods” stamp set from Lawn Fawn for this card.

To do the wood grain, I actually watercolored the paper first, then, once that dried completely, I stamped the image.  I lucked out that some of the dark spots lined up with the woodgrain lines..

For the sun, I did the same thing.  I watercolored the paper first, then used my hole punch to punch out a circle.  To match the dark black outlining of all the objects, I lined the sun with my black marker.

Watercolor takes a lot of patience for me.  It’s also a balance between too little and too much water, but I’m learning.

This card didn’t have a sentiment on the outside.  I’m saving this card for whatever occasion will pop up.  I will either add the sentiment in the corner of the grassy hill or in the inside of the card.

I love these versatile cards that can be used for any occasion.


5 thoughts on “Watercolor cards..

  1. Adorable. Really adorable.

    This is a dumb question, is water colour just with the pencils? I know my great aunt used to (many years ago) have special textas/pens for water colour. I’ve been thinking about giving it a go myself- and your post makes me really want to!

      • Do you find that’s a lot easier? I’m really only used to working with acrylic paint, and painting objects rather than a picture.

      • Ive never really painted before, so i cant compare. I just practiced and watched a lot of youtube videos of cardmakers using watercoloring techniques…

      • That.. Is actually excellent advice. I will hit up youtube in the next few days 🙂 I’ve learned a few things from it before.

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