2015 Goals

Here we are, 2015.

I usually take the time on this blog to write down a couple of the goals I have for the coming year for CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

The baby was born on December 28, 2014. First things first, adjust to life with a newborn and being a mother of two.

Once life gets back to normal, I plan on crafting again.

By mid year, I plan on working on inventory for my store.

Cards have not been 100% successful in my store, so I plan on trying to expand my product line.

That includes sewing projects, maybe felt plushies.  I do plan on trying my hand at felt tree ornaments and Christmas decorations for next year..

I want to do a craft fair… I say that every year but I never know when and how to join.. it’s definitely on my list of things to do every year.. hopefully 2015 is the year..

I want to see this blog gain more readers.  I will try my hardest to update every Monday with a new featured craft.

I want to try to make videos, but with two small kids under 5 years old, I know that will be near impossible… so I might have to push that goal into 2016..

I’m hoping that once I get the store open, I will be getting at least ONE order a month.  That’s not asking for much.  I think that’s a super attainable goal, right?  I just need to find the right product to sell.  I’m hoping that all the experimentation with other crafts will help me find that niche.

My goals this year are a little on the light side and I’m leaving myself with a lot of flexibility this year..

I know 2015 will be a great year for CutieQ Cards n Crafts.. no matter what I accomplish!

What are your craft goals for the new year?!


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