Christmas gift tags – 2014 Edition

(To see last year’s Christmas tags and cards, click here.)

Because of my high risk pregnancy, I’m not allowed to do a lot of physical activity.  If we do go out and about, I have a wheelchair so I can be pushed around place to place without having to do excessive walking.  Being in a wheelchair is hard.  It’s hard to maneuver around the Christmas shopping crowds.  So, Christmas shopping is bare minimum this year.

We have some physical gifts, but we will mainly do gift cards.

Because we have some actual gifts, I had to make gift cards.

It needed to be quick and easy for several reasons:

1. I can’t really sit at the craft table and lean forward because baby doesn’t like it and will let me know by kicking me from the inside constantly.
2. Sitting, in general, in one position makes me uncomfortable.
3. Gift tags usually end up in the trash with the rest of the wrapping paper at the end of it all.

I started by cutting white cardstock 2in tall x 3in wide and stamping “to” and “from” on each.  This year, the “to” and “from” stamps come from Lawn Fawn’s “Birthday Tags” stamp set.


Then, I took out a bunch of Christmas stamp sets that I owned and started stamping images on the right hand side of the tag.


The stack of presents and the reindeer come from the Sweet Stamp Shop “Speedy Greetings” stamp set.  The rest of the stamped images come from Lawn Fawn “Trim The Tree” stamp set.

After stamping the images out, it was time to color.  Even though this wasn’t watercolor paper, I chose to use watercolors.


It’s a tough balance to make the brush just wet enough to pick up paint and color the image, but dry enough not to saturate and warp the paper.  I had a scratch piece of paper next to me to brush off excess water when the brush got too wet.  I also used that piece of paper to test out colors before using them on the images.

Overall, the coloring went smoothly and there was very minimal warping.  Nothing a little extra tape to adhere it to a gift can’t fix.


Here are the finished tags.  I didn’t bother with shading or any fancy coloring techniques since the images were small and I needed to keep the process quick.  I’m still super happy with the outcome.

I do plan on making some gift card holders too, but we will see how I hold up.  I’m trying to avoid having this baby before Christmas.

Share your own handmade gift tags and Christmas crafts in the comments!  I’d love to hear about them!


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