Another Christmas Pinterest Project

We’ve been working on another Pinterest Christmas Craft to get ready for Christmas.

This time, we looked to this pin for inspiration.


Another trip to Joann’s found us buying a bag full of popsicle sticks and various acrylic paints.  The paints were each less than a dollar and the bag of popsicle sticks had to be less than $5.  The colors of paint I purchased were brown, green, red and white.

We spent one morning painting popsicle sticks.


To prevent color mixing and a huge mess, I let her paint with one color at a time.  I would just give her a few popsicle sticks at a time and it was up to her how many she wanted to paint a particular color.

In the end, we had a relatively good number of each colored popsicle stick.  We let them dry for a few days.  It wasn’t necessary for it to dry for a few days, let alone overnight, but I wanted to stretch the activity out over the days to keep her interest.  We also had family over the next day, so working on them the next morning was not possible.

When it came to assembling them, I initially thought I could use my Scotch Quick Dry paper glue.  I don’t know if it was the paint or the popsicle stick, but it just didn’t work.  We didn’t have any Elmer’s glue since I thought the glue I had would be sufficient, so my daughter couldn’t do any of the assembling herself.

I decided to use my glue gun.  That definitely meant that my daughter had to keep her distance while she simply told me what she wanted me to make.

In the end, we made a reindeer, Santa, and a Christmas tree.

I found a bottle of gold fabric puff paint that I used for the reindeer antler, the buckle on Santa’s belt, and the top of the Christmas tree.  When it dried, with looked amazing!  Added bonus: the glitter does NOT flake off!


I’m going to add a bit of twine to the top of each of shapes so we can hang them on our Christmas tree.

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