My major opportunity!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you would know that I shared some pretty awesome news recently.

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Last month, I was approached by a flower shop in Chino Hills called “All That Blooms.”  I had my wedding flowers all done there and they were amazing!  They are also long time family friends that have known about my cardmaking for a long time.

I was approached by them for an opportunity to sell my cards there under consignment.  I would put my cards in their store and sell them for a fixed amount, and for every card I sold, they would get a fixed amount of the sales.  In my case, each card would cost less than $5 and for every card sold, they would receive $1 dollar.

I had nothing prepared.  I had no inventory, no branding, no logo…

I had nothing.

So I rushed and asked my super talented younger brother to help me out with a logo.  He did amazing job and you can see the logo right at the top of this blog page!  I LOVE it.

While he was working on the logo, I was cranking away, creating inventory..

Once the logo was done, everything fell into place.

I created circle tags to adhere to each card.

I had enough inventory to begin packaging each card.

Then, on April 26th, I went to the flower shop and set up my card display!

It’s so exciting seeing my cards on that display.  I’m praying that this opportunity works out and that this will be a great way to make some spending money with this hobby of mine!

If you’re in the Chino Hills, CA area, be sure to stop by All That Blooms to see the cards and buy one!

By the way, my awesome younger brother also designed the sign on top of the card display.  He’s the greatest!

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