My January in review..

January 2014.  It’s always the start of the new year.  It’s always the time where I try to evaluate my life and try to set goals for the rest of the year.  This year was no different, except maybe for the fact that a lot of my goals were more “craft/hobby” related.

I set goals to blog 3x’s a week.  If you have been following me on this blog, you can see that I failed miserably in January. 

I wanted to make one non-custom Etsy sale.  That was a fail too.  Partially my fault for only posting 2 cards, which are still for sale and you can see here.

I had two big custom Etsy sales, and that was awesome!  I’m hoping that I get at least one a month. 

I set a goal to make at least 5 scrapbook layouts a month.  I barely finished, but I succeeded.  You can find those scrapbook layouts posted here.

We are 5 days into February.  This is a short month, so I have really have to push myself to achieve my goals this month. 

This month, I also want to make at least 5 cards.

I can do this.


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