The challenge…

I’ve decided to give myself a new challenge..


The goal is to have AT LEAST ten birthday cards before January.

Thing is, I participate (more like “lurk” than participate) in a scrapbooking/crafting message board.  We’re a relatively small bunch.  For birthdays, members have been known to give “happy mail” to a birthday recipient.  When my birthday came around in September, I was blessed with several handmade cards and messages from some of the awesome members.

I want to return the favor.  I want to start in January of next year.

What better time than now to start that challenge.  That gives over a month and a half to create about 1o birthday cards.  The list shows about 8 or so birthdays in January.. making 10 will give me a jump start to February..

I’m also challenging myself to use scraps for these cards.  I will NOT cut into a fresh sheet of 8 1/2 x 11, 12 x 12, or 6 x 6 paper to make this card.  The only time I will cut from a fresh sheet of paper is when I’m cutting an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper in half to make a card base.. that is all!

So far, I’ve made two cards and I’m in the process of a third.  I know, I can always duplicates of one type of card, and I do intend to.  But right now my inspiration mojo is in full gear and I’m really enjoying cranking out new cards!

To keep up with the challenge, I created a new category on the sidebar for this card challenge.  Look for posts under the category “2014 Birthday Card Challenge” for cards that will be dedicated to this project..

I can’t wait to start showing you all what I’ve done!


6 thoughts on “The challenge…

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