Nice to have..

Through the years, I’ve always made sure that I buy products that I know I will use.  I try to buy things that I know serve multiple purpose and things I know that I CAN use because I know how to use them.

That’s when inks came into play.

I’ve only ever had black and brown inks.  They seemed most user friendly to me.  In the realm of my own personal capabilities as a scrapper and cardmaker, those two colors seemed to be the easiest to work with.  I mean, black and brown can pretty much go with EVERYTHING, right?!

About last year, I purchased a red ink pad.  It was perfect for those little heart stamps that I would get in those cute Lawn Fawn stamp sets. 

At the same time, I purchased a bunch of brownish Distressed Inks, and the Christmas set of Distressed Inks..

I looked at them and thought, “What am I going to do with these?”

I mean, they were nice to have.. but I still had NO clue what to do..

Well, the year or so has passed and I have definitely found uses for those inks.. which I’m glad for.  I’d hate to think that I wasted all that money on something I coudn’t find a use for..

Which brings me to the point of this pictureless blog post..

Hero Arts Shadow Inks.. and those Hero Arts Midtone Inks..

I think I’m in love.. with ALL of the colors!  Seriously!  I am in love.

They would be amazingly nice to have for my stash.. but I have to be realistic.

I would probably purchase them in a heartbeat, and believe me, I’ve come very close on multiple occasions to stick them in a cart in a particular online scrapbook store and hit BUY..

However.. there are two major factors that stop me..

First and foremost, storage.  I’m having a hard enough time trying to figure out where to put things in my little corner of the scraproom/playroom… lets call it a Girl Cave from now on.. where would I put all those ink pads??

Second, use.  So I will have tons of different colors of inks, but do I have the papers that compliment them?  Will I have the creative capacity to actually use them?  This will just lead to the snowball effect of having to buy papers that would work for them, then patterned papers to work for them, and then the embellishments…

There it is. 

Something that’s “nice to have” but probably isn’t crucial to have at the time being.  That’s not to say that the “want” will never become a “need.”  Who knows?

But that’s where I stand at present time.. unless.. I get a gift card to a scrapbook store and I magically come across an awesome storage/organization piece of furniture that would magically fit into the Girl Cave.. I can dream, right?!


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