Etsy on hold..

This was my status update the other day on Facebook:

I do still have about two items left from the four I put in to test the waters.

A good friend of mine purchased two of them. If you read my personal blog, my friend also owns an etsy store and you can see the blog post about it here.

I’m putting the store on hold til Sept 7th, the day of my daughter’s birthday party.  I need the time to really concentrate on the last minute crafts and details of the party.

Party planning.. it’s a love/hate thing.  I love all the crafts and designing of a party.. I hate the details.. like.. the food.  I love making the invitations and sending them out.  I hate picking a venue.

Love/Hate.. love/hate..

I could go on and on.

If I could only be responsible for the theme, decorations, dessert table, cake, and other party related crafts, that would be the best!!!

I promise, September will be THE month for major movement in the CutieQ Cards n Crafts world.

Stay tuned!


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