Party favors

Pinterest to the rescue again!

This time, with the party favors.

I absolutely fell in love with this pin.

View the original pin here.

View the blog article this pin came from here.

Although I really LOVED this particular pin, I needed to keep things relatively simple.

I went to Party City and bought all the things I wanted.  I also found a bunch of Lalaloopsy markers in the $1 rack at Target.

I took each cup and put a few items in them…

Each cup received one pencil, one marker, a tattoo, and a little bottle of bubbles.  If I wasn’t so hesitant about having so much litter, I would have put some of that pink paper filling to make it look full.  I just don’t want to be sweeping up all those loose pieces of paper, and the kids are also going to get candy from the pinata, so they will have more than enough fun stuff to take home.

I wrapped the cup in some clear cellophane wrap and tied it up with some purple ribbon.

In my head, I was picture them being much fuller, but I’m still pretty happy with the results..

So you tell me…


Did I nail it?!


One thought on “Party favors

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