App review: Day One

A couple of weeks ago, the App store was giving away some free apps.

Day One was one of those apps. 

It’s a great app for scrapbookers and bloggers.

I absolutely love the app. 

I take a picture, load it onto the app, and it gives me the choice to set the entry to the time and date that the picture took place.  It also has the ability to add the location, but since I turned off the gps on my photos, it doesn’t give an accurate location.  If the location is that important to me, I make sure to add it to the journaling entry.


Here is a screen shot of my timeline.  It’s a great way to record moments and pictures. 

Eventually, I want to take the pictures and turn them into scrapbook pages.  The journaling allows me to remember the memories that are tied to that picture and/or event.  I’m pretty good about keeping the dates straight, especially since the app can take care of that for me.

If I skip a few days, I get a push notification to add an entry.  Sometimes, I choose to ignore it, especially when I don’t have much going on.  Other times, it’s a total reminder to record what was going on.

I haven’t had time to create any scrapbook pages lately, but I am very happy to know that I have possible layout ideas that stem from the timeline on this app!

I recommend this app to all memory keepers!


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