Happy Birthday bear card

I love Lawn Fawn’s “pa-rum-pa-pum-pum” stamp set. It’s a Christmas set, but some of the images can be used year round.

I decided to try my hand at coloring. I don’t have the fancy Copic markers. I don’t have any of the markers that seasoned crafty color-ers (is that the term?!) have!

I have these:


Tombow Markers that I purchased a few years ago with a coupon from Michaels.

So, like everything in my craft room.. I made it work!

And here’s the final product:


From a distance, it really isn’t all that bad.  I did my best at shading and I think I did ok.

Up close, you can tell that those markers aren’t really meant for blending and such.  The paper was starting to get too saturated with ink and was starting to peel a little bit.  The strokes are definitely noticeable up close. 

But, I made it work.

If I decide to take coloring the stamped images more seriously, I will think about investing in some different markers. 

But for now, I will stick to flat, non-blending coloring styles and/or paper piecing. 

By the way.. I’m SOOO loving polka dots right now.. can you tell?!


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