Project 50 of 50 – All he had to do…

Here we are!  At Project 50!  I completed the 50 Projects challenge at the end of May.

Let’s get started!


It’s a picture of my brother and my daughter from our last visit to his place.  They were playing together and I told him to wash her hands.  Well, that happened.

I knew I had to turn this awesome memory into a scrapbook page.


I’m kind of obsessed with this tile technique that I started on one of my PL Layouts that you can see here.   I think it was a great way to anchor the entire layout.  I also like the way it gave my layout a clean and modern feel to it.


I used my Silhoutte Cameo to cut out the letters for the title.  I cut each of the letters three times and then stacked them on top of each other to give them a thicker appearance.  The added thickness also added more dimension to the title.


I wrote out the rest of the title using scraps of my favorite black cardstock and my white gel pen.  As you can see, I wrote out the title in pencil before I went over it with my white gel pen.  I totally forgot to erase the pencil marks when I took the layout outside for pictures.  I don’t erase the pencil lines right away because I want to give the white gel pen time to dry.  If the pencil marks are erased too soon, there is a change that the white ink will smear. 

It was fun working on this 50 Projects challenge.  I hope to try to join in on more challenges in the future. 

I’ve got lots of new projects and lots of news in store. 

I hope you had fun keeping up with my 50 Projects! 

What sort of other challenges do you want to see me participate in?  Leave your answers in the comments!


One thought on “Project 50 of 50 – All he had to do…

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