Project 48 & 49 of 50 – PL Layout

We’re in the final stretch for my 50 Projects challenge.. I’m so excited to be this far along!

This project counts as two because its a two-page PL layout.


I’ve been working a lot better with getting each three-panel row to coordinate.  I take each three-panel row as it’s own “layout” and I try to make it coordinate in color and style.  For me, this works much better with my style and my eyes find it much better to comprehend the “stories” of the week.


This has got to be one of my favorite little three-row panels.  Not because of the style, but because of the content.  The row is every simple.  I just matted the pictures onto some patterned paper.  There isn’t any journalling at all!  However, the pictures, and that little “everyday life” tag says it all.  I love it.  Those pictures really do speak a thousand words.  My daughter is one busy little girl!


Here’s my failed attempt at a fitness challenge.  You can read about this here and here, on my personal blog.

Hope you enjoyed my latest PL layout!  I can’t believe the next blog post will be the last of my 50 Projects challenge!


2 thoughts on “Project 48 & 49 of 50 – PL Layout

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