Project 45 of 50 – Setting up the Selphy..

When I started Project Life and scrapbooking, I knew pictures were a necessity.

I tried to do the whole “online printing” thing, but it was just a hassel..  I never found a smooth process to take care of it..

So.. I bought myself a photo printer.. a Canon Selphy CP900..


Then… I had to turn this:


Into this:


It was a long process, with tons of reorganizing and rearranging. I decided to put my Cricut Expressions into it’s box and into our storage closet to be pulled out on an as-needed basis.. it helped a lot with providing me with the room I needed to put the Selphy and other things there..

So.. I put the Selphy in it’s new home..


With some tinkering and computer work, I was able to get it installed and working in an hour.  I was so happy.  Hubby wasn’t home yet so I had to try to figure it out before he and my toddler got home… it really was easier than I was totally anticipating.

I love my Selphy.  So far.. so good.


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