Projects 8 & 9 of 50 – Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day 2013 was a few weeks ago and I want to share what I made for the two mothers in my life, my mother and my mother-in-law.

This was the first year that my daughter was old enough to help me out. If you don’t follow my personal blog, here, I have a 20-month-old daughter.

At this stage of her life, she’s really into crayons and coloring.

I wanted to personalize the cards of my mother and mother-in-law because they are very important to my daughter. They love her dearly and she loves them so much too!

That’s why I wanted my daughter to be a big part of the card creation. I wanted it to be a super simple card that really focused on my daughter’s contribution..

I gave my daughter a piece of white cardstock (from Paper Source) and her pile of crayons. I didn’t choose the colors she would use. I left it completely up to her. She chose green and blue. Lucky for me, I had those colors in cardstock thanks to her daddy’s (my hubby’s) birthday party in February!

I trimmed down my daughter’s drawing to 5in x 3.75in. I cut a piece of green or blue cardstock for the backing. I cut that to 5.25in x 4in. Then I adhered it to a simple white cardbase.

I stamped the card with “happy mother’s day” from Lawn Fawn’s “Happy everything” stamp set and a heart from the same set..

On the bottom corner I wrote “Malia’s Original Art 2013.”

Here are the finished cards:


My daughter is only 20 months, so all we get from her are these scribbles, but I know that the sentimental value of this cards is priceless.

I’m hoping to incorporate her more as she gets older.. there are so many occasions she can help me with!

What did you do for your Mother’s Day cards?


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