Experimental journaling…

My version of Project Life leaves me with very limited options.

Because I’m using baseball card holders, I’m limited to a 3 1/2 in x 2 1/2 in space.

There aren’t many companies (that I’m aware of) that create products that cater to this size of journaling..

Because I’m all about saving money, I don’t really WANT to buy products mentioned above..

So.. this issue has taught me to really learn how to be creative..

I came up with this:


It’s totally experimental.. and it honestly looks better from far away than it does up close.

It’s definitely NOT a favorite.. but it’s glued, done, and going in the book.

In my head.. this looked better.. the execution wasn’t as good as the vision.. it looks like I let my daughter work on the journaling card

My style is very clean, with very clean lines.

This was so NOT my style, but that’s the whole point of experimenting..

I will try this again.  I will try it until it starts to look what I envisioned in my head.. I think the next time, I will use my paper trimmer and stick to straight lines instead of freehand cutting it with scissors.

What do you think?  Any tips?



One thought on “Experimental journaling…

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