50 projects

Being the papercrafting techno geek that I am.. I am a part of several message boards..

Ok.. not several.. 2.

Ok.. maybe 1 and a half..

“Half” meaning I rarely comment, mostly lurk..

Anyway, on the board that I find myself most active in (it’s currently closed to new members, so there’s no point in linking it at the moment), there’s a challenge called 50 projects.

50 projects is an effort for us crafters to use our supplies instead of buying more and more..

So the challenge is to create 50 projects.. be it cards, layouts, mini-books, etc.. before purchasing a new crafty find.

Since I’m all about creating a dent in my stash (see here), I signed up.

Luckily, I had been at my parent house all last week because once I decided to sign up, my LSS decided to do a huge clearance on their stamps and discounted them by 40%!  What a tease!  If I was at home, I would have ran straight there after receiving the email. 

So.. I’m home now and ready to tackle this challenge.  You will see the projects as they are created on this blog.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “50 projects

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