The stash.. dun dun dun…

Before I go any further, I think it’s best to show you my stash.

This stash is the massive amounts of patterned paper I want to go through before I even think about getting more.  For most crafters, this stash is probably just a percentage of what they own.  However, for me and my limited space.. this is A LOT!

To be honest, these papers aren’t the latest and greatest, nor are they all designer lines… but I’m proud of my stash.. and I hope to get through a good chunk before the end of the year..

A few years ago, I wanted to start scrapbooking.  I made the rookie mistake of going to Michaels on a good sale day and tried to grab several 12 x 12 paper pads that caught my eye..

This isn’t too bad. I’ve made a few cards and projects with these stacks.. but it just seems endless.

There was a huge discount on the Recollections Bright and Basic paper pad, I couldn’t resist. I wish I did, because the paper is so super thin. But I have used it many, many times on many, many cards. I’m determined to get through this stack if it’s the last thing I do. That bottom stack hasn’t even been touched! The colors seem so muted and drab. Maybe when I start doing actual scrapbook layouts and not Project Life layouts, I can find some use for these.

THEN.. I became a sucker for They always have fun scrapbook stuff on discount and I fall for it.. a lot!

I’ve collected quite a few 6×6 pads from them.. and being so pattern-deficient.. I don’t know how I’m going to get through it all!

This is pretty much the main stash I want to get through. I have my staple white, black, red and craft cardstock that I seem to go through fairly quickly.. and I have a mini-glitter stack from DCWV that I can’t seem to find in the chaos of the craft space.. and a few scraps and loose 6×6 patterned paper that I bought on Etsy years ago.. but that’s mainly it.

My mission is to get through this stash before I even think about getting more papers..

Any ideas how?!


4 thoughts on “The stash.. dun dun dun…

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