It’s a CutieQ giveaway!!!

Yes, I know.. it’s Wednesday.  I only update this blog on Mondays, but I’m here for an important announcement, ok.. maybe TWO important announcements..

First announcement: I’m planning on bumping up the posts to twice a week.  There’s so much I want to talk about that’s craft related and so many projects I’m hoping to go through and this blog may be the push to get me to work on them!

Second announcement:  I’m looking for more likes on my Facebook page, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.  Last month, I challenged myself to get 100 likes before the end of March.  I started that month with about 50 likes and through the power of Facebook friends, I ended the month with 82.  Not quite my goal, but I’m so happy for all those new likers!

This time, I want to get 150 likes before the end of April.

If at the end of April, I get 150 likes, I will be conducting a BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!   I will be giving away a set of birthday cards, blank, and free, for your enjoyment.  Birthdays are happening all the time, and you’ll always need a birthday card to give to someone.. why not get some for free?!

Go to my Facebook page, CutieQ Cards n Crafts, and hit “like!”

Lets get me to 150 likes so I can give you something for my appreciation!!


One thought on “It’s a CutieQ giveaway!!!

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