DIY Stationery

I don’t consider myself a penny pincher.  But, I have a husband who is.

And while he’s super, duper supportive of my crafting hobby, he knows how expensive it can be.  Heck, in the almost-five years that I’ve known him, he/we have purchased a Cricut Expressions, a Cricut Expressions 2 (5yr anniversary edition), a Cuttlebug, a Gypsy, and various Cricut cartridges.  Then, I made the leap into Silhouette products, so he/we purchased a Silhouette Cameo.  Most recently, we purchased a Canon Selpy CP900, which we (I) am patiently waiting for.

So obviously, we spend money on this hobby.

However, those big purchases are few and far between.  I do try my best to make the most of the stuff that I have on hand, and I try my best to not  buy things like paper or other embellishments if I really don’t have to.

With that said, when I joined the Scrapbooking Pen Pals group on Facebook, I knew that buying stationery for it was an expense that Hubby wouldn’t really think was necessary.  Also, I’ve got TONS of paper and several cool stamps.  Why not just make my own?!

Brilliant!  Not only did I not buy anything extra than what I had on hand, this stationery has a bit of my bright and fun personality, while staying super simple!

I started with plain old computer paper. I trimmed it down to 5in x 7in.

I pulled out my Lawn Fawn Interlocking Backgrounds stamp set and used the hexagon stamp. I’m currently obsessed with StazOn ink. It stains the stamp, but I love the clear images that are left after stamping.

I stamped along the left-hand margin of the page. I let a little bit of the stamp hang off the edge, so I actually stamped the paper over a scratch sheet of paper to avoid stamping my cutting mat. I did this with all the pages of my stationery.

I lined up the papers together with all the stamped margins side-by-side with each other. I pulled all of my brightest colored markers. They are from Tombow. I purchased them at Michaels a few years ago because I had a coupon. They are good for what I use them for. I don’t do a lot of coloring, so these markers work for me. I lined them up so that when I begin to color certain hexagons, there is a bit of consistency in the randomness.. I hope that makes some sense.

I went through with each color and filled in three random hexagons along each sheet of stationery. There was no rhyme or reason. I couldn’t say why I picked one hexagon over another to color a particular color. All I can say was that the project just “spoke” to me. I’m sure that happens with many crafters. The placement of things just “speaks” to them.. there’s no other way to explain it.

And here’s the finished stationery. I LOVE it! It feels so “me.”

Feel free to share you DIY stationery products in the comments below!


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