I joined a Facebook group where we are scrapbookers and paper crafters.  In this group, we also become old-fashioned penpals!

It’s amazing!  These ladies are super-duper-ooper talented.  I’m so inspired with everything I see them create.

A small group of us decided to do a little friendship book to pass along to each other in order to get to know each other a little bit more.  Each of us would make a little book and we’d pass them along and allow everyone to create or write something on a page.

This is my first time ever doing something like this, so I immediately jumped at the chance to do it!

As you all know, my style is very clean and simple.  I’m not great with patterned papers, and I don’t have all the latest and greatest designs and embellishments.  In fact, the only time I have something “designer” is when they go on huge discounts from!

Having said that, I pulled my resources together to come up with this booklet:


I had the red paper that I purchased from Cards & Pockets.  The white squares are leftover scraps from making the framed silhouette flower from the Save The Date cards a few weeks ago (click here for that blog post).

The stamps are from Amy Tangerine’s Ready Set Go stamp set that I purchased off of

The polka dot strip is Smash Washi Tape from Target.

The brown ribbon is from my never-ending stash of pre-cut brown ribbon from my wedding favors in 2010 (click here for that blog post).

The red paper is originally 8 1/2 in x 11 in.  I cut it in half to measure 8 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in.  I folded it to become 4 1/4in x 5 1/2in. 

I used 2 sheets of white paper, originally 8 1/2 in x 11 in.  The white paper (which came from Paper Source) was cut down to 8 1/4 in x 5 1/4 in before folding it in half.  The result was that the white sheets were a quarter of an inch smaller than the red sheet.  That made sure that the white sheets didn’t poke out of the red, thus making it a cute little book!

I carefully put the book together and punched two holes using my Crop-A-Dile (purchasesd a year ago at  I used the smallest whole and just used whatever setting was originally set on the Crop-A-Dile to figure out how far to go into the margin to punch the whole.  This was my very first time using my Crop-A-Dile since I purchased it.  Yay!

I used the ribbon to bind the book together. 


And there you go.. easy peasy.  Not knowing what to do or what everyone else was expecting, I left my pages completely blank.  I can’t wait to see what sort of magic these other women will create for my book!  I’m excited to get it back!

Year In My Life (Project Life) 2013 Update:

I finished another week, which brings me to Week 3.  I just received my batch of February pictures from York Photo.  I dated and cut them up and added them to the end of my picture stack.  Here is my Week 3:


I tried to play with NOT centering things, and maybe a little bit of layering.. I’m trying to play with my style and trying to make use of the things I learn from watching all sorts of scrapbooking videos..

I also bought a Selphy CP900 this past week, so that last batch of pictures I received from York may be my last via online printing.  I’m excited! 

I’ll be sure to blog about it next time.. or whenever it comes in!

In the meantime, stay creative!


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