A year in my life.. 2013

Project Life.

Since I don’t use any of the official Project Life products, I feel more comfortable calling it “A Year In My Life.”

But.. the essence of the scrapbook is Project Life.

Here is my cover page:

It’s clean and simple, very much like I do my cards.

When I received my pictures, I cut them down to individual pictures and then added the date they were taken on the bottom margin. Having it on the bottom margin allows me to have visibility on the date the picture occurred, and it will get cut off in the final trimming.

I can’t believe how much I enjoyed doing this. Where has scrapbooking been all my life? I LOVE doing this!

The idea of scrapbooking was always so overwhelming to me. The idea of having free reign over a large piece of paper made it seem very intimidating. That’s why I decided to try this Project Life format.

I think that I will start dabbling into 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook pages in the near future..

For now, I want to share two weeks worth of Project Life layouts with you!




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