Save the date..

I was honored to be asked by a good friend of mine to create the Save the Date cards for her upcoming wedding in early 2014.

Did I tell you how much I love weddings?

Did I tell you that I DIY’d the papercrafts for MY wedding?! See here.

Anyway, it was A LOT of fun, especially since she and her fiance were great communicators!

Here’s a bit of the process in pictures..

It started out as this draft.. remember the doilies from Doily Mania? This is why I had them!

Through tons of communication, the card eventually evolved into something else.. without the doilies.. and I think that they made the right decision to take them off the final cards.

I was really paranoid about the oils on my hands making unnecessary marks on the card base..

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the flower. I turned it into a wonderful silhouette accent piece..

Here’s a wonderful “in-process” shot. Don’t mind the Scotch tape. That was reminence of gift wrapping during Christmas time. Sometimes I just put things on my table and absentmindedly work my way around it..

Here’s the only picture I have of the finished card. I can’t believe I neglected to take some final shots! Oh well, can I blame it on “mommy brain?!”

If you notice in the final picture, on the very left, you can see a stack of what looks like photos. The lovely couple wanted their picture to be part of the Save The Dates.

So I worked with a friend from InfinitiFoto to combine the photo with the information on the Save The Dates. After everything was finalized with InfinitiFoto, me, and the couple, I got the picture/texts printed at Persickety Prints

I’ll be working on the wedding invitations with this lovely couple also. I hope I’ll remember to take a picture of the final product that time around!

Thanks for stopping by!


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