Christmas 2012 – Wrapped

Here we are, at the end of January and I’m posting my final Christmas 2012 post.

This year, I plan on posting BEFORE Christmas is over so it doesn’t look like I’m obviously playing “catch up.”

Anyway, I purchased Scotch Postal wrap from Target. It’s a pretty large roll. One roll lasted me all the Christmas presents. The only downside is that this paper is pretty thick and so folding it down and wrapping oddly shaped packages was harder than using thin traditional wrapping paper. Also, gift wrapping tape doesn’t stick very well to it either.

Decorating my wrapped packages, especially the rectangular ones, was so much fun. Again, any stamping you see uses Lawn Fawn holiday stamp sets.

I only have two pictures to show.. here we go!

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

I had so much fun doing this during the Christmas holiday season. I didn’t buy any new colored or patterned papers. I think I really made a nice dent in my paper stash.

I look forward to any occasion that requires any form of wrapping and gift giving.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas recaps! Can’t wait for what this year is going to look like, craft-wise!


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