Hey all,

I’m taking a little break from the party planning to basically ask you all for your opinion.

If you have been following my Instagram account (mrsquinto2010), you can see the progress of my various projects.  It just seems easier to use when documenting because I always have my phone on me and I can easily email the pictures into my harddrive. 

Using my big camera takes a lot of time.   I get too lazy to load the pictures onto the harddrive and I don’t really know how to make the picture file size smaller.  Don’t get me started on editing.. I don’t even think I have photo-editing software on my Mac.  Do I?

Does anyone have a problem with my using Instagram? 

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how I can take better pictures using my Canon SLR?

I’m using the free version of a WordPress blog and I have limited GB space for pictures/videos..

I’d love to improve my little space in the blogosphere and give you all tons of inspiration and ideas.

Any suggestions (but please be nice!) would help!


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