Birthday invitations.. lets get musical!

Here we are, at the last entry for this series.

When I last left off, I had just finished personalizing the inviation by adding my daughter’s name to it.  I proceeded to add a little bit more flair using Glossy Accents to “gloss-ify” it.  Is that even a real term?!

Anyway, now we get musical!

I found these musical notes in the Silhouette Online Store.  It was actually two eighth notes together and one eighth note by itself.  You know, that note with the little tail thingy at the top..

I wanted it to be a quarter note, the type of note without the little tail thingy on top.. so I played around with it using the Silhouette software and I think it came out just perfect for what I needed.

Since this was a birthday party invitation, I wanted the notes to correspond with the “Happy Birthday Song” so I looked online for where the notes needed to be placed.  If you grab your little keyboard and play the notes, you’ll find that it does sing, “Happy birthday to you..”

I applied Glossy Accents to the music notes to let it pop out at you just a bit more.

And there you have it!  The finished product!

I printed the information using regular printer paper, cut it down, and used my ATG gun to adhere it to the back. 

I really enjoy the way it came out.  It may not be exactly what my sketch was, but I’m glad that my sketch provided me with a great starting point and I let the creativity flow from there.

I’ll probably take another little break while I try to make more birthday party related paper-goods.  There’s the banner, table decorations, and thank-you cards too.

Stay tuned.  I hope to get more projects up as time goes on!


2 thoughts on “Birthday invitations.. lets get musical!

    • I’m glad you like the card! I’m totally in love with Glossy Accents now. I wish I would have started using it a long time ago!

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