Birthday invitations.. strips, ink and bars, oh my!

On the last post, I showed you how I started with a sketch and made a mockup using scraps I had before going to my local scrapbook store to get what I really needed.

I cut up all the strips from all the colors that I needed.  I decided to run the edges through my black ink pad, I forget what brand. 

 Running the edges through the black ink gave each strip more definition, especially since they were all going to be glued next to each other edge to edge.  It also gave it a more “musical bar” feel to it, having black lines in there like you see in sheet music.

Putting down the first strip onto the backing was the hardest part of the process.  I had to get the angle right in order for the notes to line up the way I wanted.  I put the pink strip on all 60 card backings first.  I roughly lined it up with the mockup by placing the it behind the actual invitation card backing and positioning the strip in it’s proper place.  Then I trimmed the strip down.

After that, the other strips were super easy.  I used my new favorite Tombow Mono-Multi Glue to adhere each strip down.  All I had to do was line them up edge-to-edge..

Here’s the finished musical bar!

Next post, we’ll see how I ended up deviating from my sketch.. oh no!


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