Craft Wars

Craft Wars premiered on TLC the other day.  Of course, I HAD to watch it!

While I’m more than likely going to continue watching it, I’m not too impressed with it.

It reminded me a lot of Cupcake Wars.. the whole tone of the show was very much like an episode of Cupcake Wars.. right down to having a handful of random helpers during the last round.

I think the reason I’m not too into it is because the first episode didn’t show my kind of crafting..

I’m not the crafter that likes to take random objects and turn into another random object.

I take paper and turn them into cards.  How does that translate into a “craft war?!”

I guess you can put one paper crafter against another paper crafter and see what sort of out-of-this-world paper craft they can create..

It’s admirable to see them turn a bunch of sports equiptment into a duffle bag.. that was neat.  But just not my kind of thing. 

I’ll keep watching because I love watching the process of creating things.. maybe it will open the doors to other crafting styles.. I gotta keep an open mind!

What did you think of the show?


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