Refreshed and ready..

So I’ve been MIA on this blog for a while.

I’ve been MIA in the whole paper-crafting scene as well.

I got really busy, and then I realized that I was missing out on some quality with my daughter, so scaled back a bit.

I probably blew any chances to really get this little venture of mine up and running, but being a new parent with an infant daughter, it’s a decision I had to make.

While I was gone.. I did the following cool things..

– I made 2 sets of cards that actually were on sale with local florist in my area.
– Made 30 baby shower invitations for my bestie
– Made 150 wedding favor boxes for a co-worker/friend of mine
– Made several random cards for various occasions when needed

While super fun and gave me some great exposure, I found myself hiding away from my baby girl for hours, if not entire weekends.  I felt bad that every time she would see me and I’d have to hide away into my craft space.  Luckily she’s too young to really understand whats going on and was easily distracted by toys and grandparents.

So while I’d love the exposure, and I’d love the opportunity to really get the business booming and earning some extra spending cash, I’ve decided to scale back a little.

I’ll still be creating.  I’ll still be posting, and I’ll still be taking custom orders, but I really think I need to think twice about size of batches, frequency and how long it will pull me away from my duties as wife and mother.

After a week or so away, I’ve finally come back into the craft room and I’ve made a few cards. 

I’m going to try to make a pile of new projects so I can always have a blog entry to post more frequently.

We bought a camcorder, so I also want to start filming some videos of how I create my work.. if you’re interested..

I may even dabble into scrapbooking!

I’m going to promote postings on Ebay and Etsy more.. and focus on those more than custom orders.. for now.

But feel free to contact me with anything you have in mind..

This blog is about to get active!!!!


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