Finished craft projects: My first diaper cake..


I’ve seen it done millions of times.. I’ve watched many, many YouTube tutorials.. but I had never made my own diaper cake.

Thank goodness for having a baby.  Thank goodness for the abundance of unused diapers that have stockpiled in the closet because my daughter outgrew them.  Thank goodness for other ladies having little girl babies.

I was finally able to make my own diaper cake!

Now I had dreams and visions of this diaper cake being this grand mixed media work of art.  I was going to incorporate a lot of my paper crafting, Silhouette and Cricut tools in making this thing.  My sketches were works of art in itself!  Little die-cuts of baby strollers, rattles, the baby’s name lined up along the front.. it was going to be magnificant!

But.. making a diaper cake was trickier than I thought.. I had to recruit the help of my loving husband.. (and my baby girl).. I ended up keeping it super simple.  Next time I’ll go for the grand cake of my dreams.. but for now.. I settled for Clean and Simple (CAS).

We started out rolling the diapers.  That was tricky because many tutorials said to make it tight, but it was making the rolls a little too narrow.. and it just wasn’t looking pretty.

I told you this was a family affair.  My daughter wanted in the all the action.


I used a 72-count box of the Pampers diapers that were designed specifically for boys or girls.  Obviously, the mother-to-be was expecting a girl.  Lucky for her, I had a girl that outgrew the 1-2 sized diapers.

The biggest mistake we made was using colored rubber bands.  I’m never, never, never going to do that again!  I was lucky that I found ribbon that covered the color of the rubber bands.  It was also a pain to make sure that the rubber bands were all lined up so that they hid behind the ribbon I wrapped around.  You always learn from your mistakes.. and well.. LESSON LEARNED!

We made three tiers of the cake.. making those tiers involved some math.. how many diapers make the center core.. how many diapers go around the core.. how many rows per tier.. numbers.. numbers.. numbers.. I left it up to the husband to figure that out..

We used wooden dowels to keep all the tiers together.    The cake looked great.. I just wished we didn’t buy the colored rubber bands!  The helpful hubby is holding up his masterpiece.  He said he’s the builder and I’m the decorator.. we make a great team!

So, I found some coordinating ribbon at Michaels.  I really like that green ribbon I bought.  I’m planning on incorporating that ribbon into some future card projects.  I ended up using almost all the pink ribbon.  Good to know for future projects.  One roll of the big pink ribbon per diaper cake.

I’m upset at the way the bow ended up looking.  It’s a sad bow.  I think I need to hit up the YouTube tutorials again and learn how to make good looking bows.

We bought the little Hello Kitty doll at the local mall.  I have it taped to a dowel on it’s back.  It’s the not most glamorous method.. but it’s what worked for me.. anyone with suggestions is free to leave me a comment.


There it is!  My first diaper cake.  I’m overall pretty happy with the way it turned out, but deep down, I know I can do sooooo much better.

Please feel free to leave my tips and suggestions on how to do a better job for next time!



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