Challenge accepted!

So I’m challenging myself to do one craft project a week.

Mainly I’ll be trying to do at least one card a week. 

This is good for so many reasons.  It starts helping me an inventory of various cards.. I usually make my cards in duplicate so I can sell one and use one for an occasion.  This also helps me excerise the creative part of my brain.  This will also help me get better with creating various types of cards using various techniques in stamping and die-cutting.  It gives me a chance to really play with the Silhouette and Cricut and all the other materials I have sitting in my craft station.  I hope to make use of a lot of the ribbon and scrap paper I’ve accumulated over the past year or so..

This is also good because it will help me keep up with this blog on a weekly basis.. that’s always a good thing, right?

I will give myself the exception of a weekly entry in the case of a sick baby, a sick hubby, a sick me, or a vacation.. other than that, I really want to try to be creative on a weekly basis..

We’ll try once a week for now.. and I hope in the future to expand on that..

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