Up and coming..

My attempts at Ebay have been unsuccessful, so far..  I do get a lot more views for the few projects that I have posted, but once again, I’m a drop in the bucket of all the other papercrafters.. And while people are looking at my stuff, I’m sure they still find something else to spend their money on.

I’m still going to try my luck on Ebay and Etsy.. I just need that one big break..

I really need to find that special something that makes me stand out..

I really need to hanker down and create..

On that note, I’ve been pretty busy.. I have a few projects in line that I’ve been working on.. they are from friends that know my work and need my help for somethings..

I can’t wait to share pictures of the finished projects.. and the process I go through to get there..

Also, my Facebook page is still 8 fans away from 50.. share my page with your friends.. if you’ve ever received a card or craft from me, tell them what you thought of it.. like my page.. and a lucky winner will receive that cute ladybug card as a gift.

Tell your friends about me.. think about me for all your papercraft needs..



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