Needing to push..

I’ve been very relaxed when it comes to getting the CutieQCards name out there..

I haven’t had any sales on Etsy and I’ve only had that one huge invitation purchase from my good friend.

My facebook page has been pretty stagnant lately.

After that small surge of new cards made, I thought for sure that I’d get some sort of positive reaction.. maybe get a sale or two out of it.  But, sadly, none.

It’s hard to make an impact on a website that’s already got so many thriving cardmaking artists out there.  Etsy is such an established community of handcrafters that I feel like I really need to make something spectacular to stand out in that crowd..

So… I’m going to try my luck on Ebay.

A few years ago, I made a cross-stitch piece that I posted on Ebay and it sold pretty quickly.  I’m hoping that my luck on Ebay will be a little better than my luck on Etsy.

I’m also pushing more people to like my Facebook page.. CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

If I can get 50 people to like that page, I’m going to give away the cute little Ladybug Birthday to one lucky “liker.”

I also really need to find the time to create more stuff.  Time is hard to come across, especially having a full-time job and being a full-time mommy.  But this is the dream.  I really want to see this turn into something.

It’s a dream of mine to make a little spending money doing something I really love, and I think this could really be great.. I just need to push myself a little more.

I have tons of ideas written down in my notebook.  I’ve got tons of designs saved onto my new Silhoutte software.. I just need to sit down and make them happen..

I was also thinking of making some generic scrapbook page layouts.. with or without spots for pictures.. so people can easily pop in their pictures, either in their designated spots, or where ever they see fit on the page.  Those are for people that want to have scrapbooks, but have no time to make one..

I’ve got ideas..

I just need to push!


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