Adding to my arsenal..

Have I mentioned that I pretty much have the best husband in the world?

I do!

Not only does he help me watch the baby when I have cards to make.

Not only does he actually help me when I have huge projects and need someone to do simple things like folding or gluing big pieces, or even tying bows around party favors.. he was a HUGE help with all the DIY projects for our wedding..

Not only is he super supportive of my CutieQ efforts..

But he’s also very in-tune to when I really, really, really, really want a new craft toy..

Yesterday, I got an email from Amazon saying that I should see what he bought..

Lo and behold, he got me the SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!!!

I have been reading up on the Silhouette for awhile and have been really intrigued by all the features and how you can print/cut with your printer and the machine. 

I can’t wait to get that thing onto my craft table and see all the great things I can come up with!

I’m not going to be getting rid of my Cricut just yet.  I want to see if I can utilize both machines in my cardmaking.  If I start to see that I’m using the Silhouette a lot more, then I might consider putting the Cricut away.  For now, I’ll be using both!

What machine do you prefer?


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