Birthday time!

It seems like this time of the year is heavy on the birthdays.. I’ve had several birthday parties to go to.. and that means that I’ve pretty much made birthday cards for the occasions..

Last card I posted was the dinosaur card that I made for my nephew.. it was a huge hit and I’m glad he enjoyed the card.

In the past week, I’ve made three birthday cards, and I hope to find time to make a few more.

This card above was a very different approach from what I usually do.  This card is strictly stamped and colored with colored pencils.  I was very unsure about posting this card when I first made it.  When seen from upclose, it doesn’t look like much at all.  In fact, I almost thought of scrapping it and starting over.  But when I walked away from the table and gave myself some distance, this card actually looked really nice.  The card is a flat card.  That means that it’s pretty much like a postcard.  It doesn’t fold anywhere, you simply turn the card over to write your special message.

This pink card above can be customized to show the age of the recipient, and can also have her name handwritten on the banner of the card.  The scalloped is glittered with Stickles.  I think every thing looks better with a little Stickles.

I’m totally in love with the above ladybug card.  I’m planning on making my daughter’s first birthday lady bug themed and I wanted to play around with some lady bug options.  I think this is perfect!  What’s great about this card is that it’s got minimal Cricut use.  Sometimes, I’m just too lazy to pull out the Cricut and mess with cutting board and all that stuff.  This was quick, simple and came out great!

All these cards measure 4.25in x 5.5in and come with an envelope.

I had fun making these cards and I’m excited for everyone to see it.  Clicking the pictures will send you straight to the etsy posting for you to make your purchase and browse my store for more things.



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