Jumpin’ jellybeans! It’s my first order!

I’m so proud to say that I have completed my first official order as CutieQ Cards n Crafts!

It’s a set of birthday party invitations for a good friend of mine.  She plans of having her birthday party at one of those bouncy places for kids and so she suggested a jellybean theme for her invitations.. so I came up with this!

This is the first time I didn’t make a rectangular or square type card.  This is a flat card with all the information printed on the back of the card.

I drew the little “jumpy” lines on the jelly beans to make them look like they were jumping around in the little candy dispenser.  I also embossed the bottom part to give some texture.  I popped up the sentiment on the front of the card to give it more dimension.

The great thing about these invitations is that no two invitation look alike!

The great thing about “handmade” is that every invitation can have it’s own little personality.  Every jellybean had a mind of it’s own… so she will notice that the jellybeans are jumping in a different direction on every invitation!  It’s so much fun to have that kind of creative freedom!

I had so much fun doing this set of invitations.

I’m so glad that I was able to do this and complete it successfully.  I think it’s adorable and I can’t wait for her party guests to see these invitations!  I hope she has a great party for her kids!

If you want to order this, or something similar, leave me a comment or a message.  Let’s talk!  I’ll be happy to accommodate!


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