My DIY Wedding

I got married a little over a year ago.

Getting married pretty much started the whole card-making and crafting phenomenon that has pretty much taken over any other hobby that I’ve done in my life.

It was because of the wedding that I purchased my first Cricut Expressions machine and things just went on from there.

To save money, I decided to do all the paper-crafts and party favors for the wedding.

For the wedding, I decided to go simple.  I used Ferrer Roche hazelnut chocolates wrapped in some organza, tied with a simple brown ribbon and a handmade stamped tag.  As you can see, I hand-wrote the “thank you” on each tag.  I made about 300 of these tags because our wedding had about 260 people.  The quality on these pictures aren’t great.  I used my cell phone for a lot of these pictures during the time I was making them so I could post them onto my Facebook page.


With the help of one of my best friends, I was able to do my wedding invitations as well.  I did all the designing and she helped me with the formatting of the content of the invitation.  I didn’t really know how to format written contents to accomodate the design of the invitations at that time, so she helped me out a lot.

Lastly, I did the “Thank you” cards for the wedding.  Because we had so many to make, I decided to make them super simple.

I had a lot left over that I have them posted for sale on Etsy.  Click the picture or the highlighted link to be directed straight to the posting.

I also did my wedding programs, but failed to take a picture of those.  Maybe if I find a copy, I’ll take a picture and post it in the future.

I saved a good amount of money doing all of those projects myself.  It took quite a good amount of time, but I loved every second of it.  Doing those projects was the best part of all the wedding preparations.  I’d definitely do it again next time.

Since the wedding, I’ve done a lot of the paper good and decorations for many occasions in my life.  Stay tuned to the CutieQ blog for more entries about my DIY parties.


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